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Eviction Protection For Your Rental Investment

We Shield You From The Stress Of The Eviction Process

In the unfortunate event that a resident needs to be evicted from your rental, we will shield you from the stress and make every effort to re-rent the property promptly.

We screen our residents' credit score, launch a national criminal background check, require proof of income and employment, past rental history and more to greatly reduce the risk of an eviction. However, life events happen, and they can still occur.

We offer Eviction Management services including

  • Sign and serve in the property owner’s name all notices required to initiate and pursue the eviction process
  • Commence and prosecute actions to evict residents
  • Attend court hearings on the owner’s behalf
  • Recover possession of the property in the owner’s name
  • Recover rents and other amounts due
  • Provide in-house collections services and small claims support

We offer Eviction Protection services through SureVestor

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